I confess…

So I’m stealing the “I confess” theme from Ashley… who stole it from Carissa. Now that that’s cleared up…
I confess:
1. That my new favorite show is Love in the Wild. Think The Bachelorette meets Survivor. It’s equal parts horrible, embarrassing, and amazing. I love it. My guy friend that DVRs it for me does not.

2. I bought Toaster Strudles at the grocery last week. I was rounding a corner and there they were. It’s like they were calling out to me. It’s been a while, so I caved and bought them. Strawberry, of course. And they were COMPLETELY delicious. Everything I hoped for and more… I even gave two of them to my roomie. Lucky girl.

3. I have NOT been bringing my A-game lately when it comes to my own workouts. #Lazy. So I’m going for a run after I finish this post. Promise.
4. When a client cancels an appt. with me I should be disappointed, but really I’m just thinking, “Sweet, now I can go to the pool.” *Which is what happened yesterday. Which is why my legs/ass are sunburned today.

5. I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant, then had a baby boy. I was kinda really happy. Not gonna happen anytime soon, obvs, but it was nice. I blame Bridget, Ahn, Elizabeth, and Kristen for all their preggo talk. : )

What do you confess this week? Anything good?!
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  1. haha i love that my household isn’t the only one stocked with toaster strudles!

  2. oh my gosh – love in the wild sounds like it could be my new favorite show. MUST find this!

    toaster strudles…..yes!! strawberry is the BEST!

    Soo very weird….I dreamed I inherited a love child last night….I blame twitter too…LOTS of baby talk these days! LOTS!

  3. what?! love in the wild sounds terrible!! i have GOT to see this!
    now, don’t hate me, but i don’t think i’ve ever had a toaster strudel. ever. maybe next time i go grocery shopping they’ll call out to me. 🙂

  4. Haha I love LOVE in the Wild…but that’s only probably because I know Jess! 🙂 We went to rival high schools and she used to date my best friends ex boyfriend. SMALL world!

  5. I’m glad you found my blog! Yours is fabulous. I’m a new follower =]

  6. Ashley and Brissa – the show is AWESOME. NBC, I think? 10pm on wednesdays : )

    Shalyn – Never had a strudle?! Try them, they’re amazing. But be careful, you might get hooked…

    Nicole – yay! me too, welcome!

    Elizabeth – it’s been a while for me, but yes. they’re great!

  7. it makes me feel sooo much better than a. you bought toaster strudles and b. you slack on working out sometimes.

    Thank you thank you thank you for that!

  8. I confess that thanks to the flu I haven’t done a single ounce of exercise for a week, and I’m beginning to feel a little doughy. blugh. xo
    (I love toaster strudels. I love them hard)

  9. How did your run go!?
    I confess…I’ve been popping Advil to mask headaches and sciatic nerve pain, when I should be paying attention to what my body is saying!


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