I Confess: Canadian Edition


Although I’ve been to Canada several times over the past few years that my man-friend and I have been together, this trip is by far the longest. I’ll be here for a few months and, because of that, there are certain things I’ve just gotta get used to this time around… Here’s my current Canada-inspired confessional:

I confess that I’m getting better at the whole metric system…(temperature in Celsius, distance in kilometers, etc.) but I’m still not getting rid of my Converter app. If it’s early morning and I’m trying to convert measurements in my head, I know it’ll just go faster if I use the app. It’s been moved to the front page of my phone.

I confess that I’ve started most of my mornings in front of the fireplace on the couch. While all my things (most importantly my desk) are still in either San Diego or Louisville, I’ll make this couch and fireplace my permanent “working quarters”… and with winter approaching, will not feel bad about it. Not even a little bit.

I confess that I’m still terrified of getting eaten by wildlife on a daily basis around here. There are bears, elk, mountain lions, wolves, etc. all strolling around this tiny town. You see them all the time (luckily I’ve seen most of them from the car) and I’m jumpy as hell when I’m hiking around with Tango on the trails every day. Eyes peeled, ears open. Don’t ever come up on me out of nowhere on a trail… unless you want some bear spray to the face. I listen to podcasts while we walk or run, but I always keep the volume low and one ear bud out to listen for rustling in the trees. (I can just imagine Squintz putting his fingers up and callin’ me out: “L – 7 Weeeeeenie!”)


I confess that I’m more bummed than I thought I’d be about certain things not being available in Canada. Some are physical stores, others are websites that are apparently only available in the States. I’ve got no Pandora Radio, no Grey’s Anatomy online, no Briana’s Poppy Seed salad dressing (at least I haven’t been able to find it yet), no Trader Joe’s, and worst of all… no Target! Although, having no Target anywhere close is probably better for the bank account. Ultimately, I’ll survive. You just never realize how much you use certain resources until you can’t.

I confess that I idiotically thought learning French would be a bit easier than it is. Now that I’ve learned quite a bit of Spanish (read: my Duolingo app has taught me way more than my two years of high school Spanish), I thought I’d start on my French lessons. Everybody says once you learn one language, it’s easier to learn a second – especially with French, Spanish, and Italian – but I can barely understand all the words being spoken in French because they’re all about half a syllable. Reading them is ok, but once they’re spoken, all bets are off. It sounds like the person said one long word and when I look at the screen, there are at least 5 words there. Thank goodness for the turtle icon that slows down the sentences. This is gonna be a long process…

I confess I want visitors. Badly. Got a passport? Wanna play outside, or by the fire? I’d love to have you! It’s cool weather now, but I have a feeling the snow is coming soon… Ski winters anybody? With the exchange rate, lift tickets are cheaper here than in the States!


Ok, that’s all I got. Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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