I Confess: I Watched The Sound of Music for the First Time at Age 31…


Although I love classic movies and know this one is beloved by many, I’ve never been interested in seeing this one. I know. I love musicals, I love Julie Andrews, I’ve just heard some of the songs from this movie (My Favorite Things & So Long, Farewell) a thousand times over the years and I just really never cared for them. I’ve seen the images of Julie Andrews twirling around on a mountain top and just thought it was her cruising around and singing about loving nature and music and shit. I’ve thought about watching the movie every now and then when I scroll past it on Netflix, but it wasn’t until I was on my long-ass flight to Thailand two weeks ago that I finally gave in.  Because so many people love the movie I was just curious enough, and on an 11 hour flight you have more than enough time. Why not watch it now?

I Confess: I was such a judger. I had no idea…

My Confessions on My First Viewing of The Sound of Music (as a 31 year old)

>> I confess I want to go to Salzburg right now. Those opening credits just bumped Austria to the top of my travel bucket list. I want to go now and I want it to look exactly like it does in the movie, and I want to go hike up to that exact spot in the mountains and twirl my own ass all around it. I’m a sucker for some good scenery.

>> I confess I expected to dislike this movie because of a few of those songs, but once you hear them with context they’re not so bad.

>> I confess I was cringing for her soft tissue safety. She looks cute while singing the Confidence song in the beginning, but here’s a PSA: Slinging your suitcases and guitar cases around like that is a great way to tear something in your shoulder capsule sooooo lookout…


>> I confess I wish I had a voice fit for musicals. Here’s to the next few weeks of listening to the soundtrack at home and in the car… and trying not to damage a vocal chord.

>> I confess I have a crush on 1965 Christopher Plummer. Um HELLO you. Hi. How you doin? Goodness. He’s even handsome when he’s broody.


>> I confess I would not have caught it when the kids tried to confuse her with switching names. I thought I was a pretty good nanny in my day, but I’m no Fraulein Maria, that’s for sure.

>> A confession I’m not ashamed of: I knew I didn’t like this kid, Rolfe from the moment he came on the screen! Playing all hard to get and whatnot. Bringing it in close and then backing away. They need to show this movie to every girl in middle school. Watch out for boys like this one…


>> I confess I could never even sing “Row Your Boat” in rounds in music class when I was in elementary school (or even now) so I was legit impressed than when they sang “Do Re Mi” out of order in the car. #SlowClap

>> I confess it’s hard to sit still when I watch people dance something that I want to dance. I was sitting upright in my seat during this scene.  {all the heart eye emojis here}


>>I confess I love when a movie gives you a character that’s so easy to dislike. #ByeFelicia


>> Um, I confess I’m not so sure I would marry the guy who was just engaged about 5 seconds before to another woman, BUT he’s so handsome and the story’s so good, so maybe I would have let it slide too. I now need to dance in an atrium…


>> The wedding. They needed to show more of it. I confess I thought this was the end of the movie. And I would have been fine with that.

>>No confession here: Her best look. #classylady


>> I confess I had no idea Nazis were going to be any part of this movie. I was genuinely shocked when the plot turned that direction. When that whole thing happened I was like, “Wait! They just got back from their honeymoon! We just got to the happy ending!”

>> I confess I was crying all alone in my window seat at about 2am somewhere over the Pacific Ocean when they sang Edelweiss at the show.


>> I confess I almost shut the movie off when they were about to be captured because of that little shit Rolfe. I was thinking, “This is the worst movie that has ever been made and I was right all along.” But I hung in there. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this…


>> Lastly, YOU GUYS: I confess I didn’t know it was based on a TRUE STORY!! I’m so far behind! While googling the year this movie was made I read its Wikipedia page and discovered this ish really happened. The fact that the real Maria wrote a book makes everything even better.

>> I confess I put Amazon’s “But It With One Click” button to good use when I bought this book right before boarding my flight home this morning and read 30% of it from Baltimore to Houston. There are some differences that Wikipedia points out but for the most part, it’s pretty spot on, which makes me happy. The stories she’s telling so far are magnificent.


Have you ever seen the movie? If not, I’ve just written one huge spoiler post. I’m sorry.

If you love this movie, when did you first see it?

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  1. Carol says

    It IS my favorite movie. I saw it for the first time in a movie theater downtown (Louisville)when I was a little girl. I, too, think the 1965 Christopher is dreamy! Yes, you should go to Austria. We did an EF tour, including a stop in Salzburg, and have pictures of Lindsay and some others skipping through the “vine covered tunnel” singing. I loved the town and area.

    • I’ve been wanting to go to Germany & Austria for a while now. I could easily spend months cruising all the European countries. Can’t wait to visit!

  2. Andy says

    The Sound Of Music is my most favorite musical. In large part due watching it with my Grandma at her house on the Missouri River. I was probably 3 or 4 the first time I watched it. I can safely say I’ve probably seen it between 75-100 times. Including a few months ago when it was in the theater. Be Tee Dubs, the real Maria has a cameo in the movie. So there’s one more thing for you to like.

    • What the WHAT? Now I have to watch it again so I can see her. Was seriously thinking of setting up Netflix tonight… Thanks for the intel!

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