I Confess…

“I Confess” theme by Carissa

*I confess my week’s to-do list is very long 
and the things that I’ve gotten accomplished so far are NOT on it.
Exhibit A: My Monday Morning
1. Cruise facebook… I mean, how else do you start your day at your computer?
2. Notice Pinterest links and get disgusted/intrigued by everything there
3. Join Pinterest.
4. Blog about said new membership and distractions.
5. Read blogs… It’s the start of the week. There are so many new posts up and now I’ve got to catch up on the happenings around the blogosphere.
6. Start blog post on not being productive.

*I confess that I’m a now a member of the first group mentioned here: 
“There are two types of mountain bikers: 
those that have gone over the handle bars, 
and those that will.” 
Thankfully I went more to the side than straight over top. Wheel went off the trail and down
a steep hill. Also thankful it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it was going to (as I was flying through the air). 

*I confess I could totally do without football. I just don’t get the nation’s obsession with it. They play for about 4 seconds at a time, then take a 5 minute break right after. No wonder each game takes like 4 hours… WTH?! I do get tailgating though, that’s fun (at least in October, when it’s not freezing yet, but not 1,000 degrees like it is when football season starts). 

*I confess that I have a weakness for fireplaces. There’s nothing more cozy than a couch in front of a fire, socks, a blanket, and a cup of tea. (My work atmosphere so far this week…) 
And that after searching for fireplace photos, now want this set-up: 
*I confess that even though I’ve never been a cold-weather type person
(hence my 4 years in San Diego),
the mountains have been growing on me lately…
the man-friend might have something to do with that. 

What confessions do you have today?
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  1. must.setup.skype.date…so I can hear about man friend.

    and goodness lady – be careful muffin – no more injuries!!

  2. The whole constant stopping thing in football is the number one reason I can’t get into it.

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