IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Completely exhausted. Completely sore. Completely worth it.

This past weekend in Alexandria was crazy! So much was learned in this 3 day conference because some of the best trainers and presenters in North America were there. I had over 20 hours of learning so trust that I’m an even smarter trainer than I was last week! Booyah.

Peeps in the above photo:

Marc Coronel, me, Fraser Quelch, Sherri McMillan, and Jorge Ivan Maren
Google their names if you want to know how awesome they are. What you don’t trust me? Whatev.

I’ll be back to blogging regularly after this weekend, I swear! I have two trips in two different cities this weekend, starting Thursday so things are crazy, but my travel schedule mellows out once March hits! I miss you, blog world!
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  1. that’s awesome! definitely share what you learned! 🙂

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