I’m not dead.

I’m just here.

At the TRX Global Instructors Summit.
In Phuket, Thailand.
On the complete opposite time zone (12 hrs difference here).
As in, it’s already the next day here.
As in, I’m in the future, bitches. ; )
I haven’t had time yet to upload any photos. Today’s schedule has us going from 7am – 10pm (hence the no time). But I have a couple free days on Friday and Saturday and you will be entertained, amazed, and enthralled at the posts coming your way… Or you’ll just have more ish to read in the a.m. when you get to work and are trying to avoid reading emails. Either way…
Get ready.
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  1. wow…your job sucks. #sojealous

  2. Since you’re in the future, here’s a message from the past… work aside, hope you’re having a blast in Thailand xo

  3. way to not make any juvenile jokes about “Phuket”…

  4. That is SOOOO AWESOME! A friend is teaching english over there and she says it is amazeballs! I hope you have a blast and learn lots of fun things to share!!!


  5. hey girl. i just found your blog! love it:) i do a Motivate Me Monday link up…its all things health and fitness, i would love for you to check it out and join if your interested!

  6. and you didnt bring me? #offended

    jk – have fun on your free days!

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