Inner Strength!

There are a lot of bootcamps, in a lot of towns across the country. 
The one Sarah and I run here in Louisville is awesome… 
if I do say so myself. 
Sarah and I make a great team
and together we run
Some bootcamps are hard and stressful. 
But here, we work hard AND have fun. 
Our crew is so motivated, 
so hardworking, 
and so entertaining at 6am. ; ) 
It makes getting up a 5:00am completely worth it. 
There’s a real team here. 
Our very own Inner Strength family. 
Yes, it’s early. 
Yes, it’s hard. 
Yes, you get dirty and sweaty. 
Yes, you get sore. 
But you’re stronger
And you’re tougher.
And you are better

Sarah and I would like to extend
 a big thanks, hug, and ass slap high five 
to all our
 past, present and future bootcampers. 
We love you guys! 
If you’d like to be a part of our team, check us out and come get after it with us next week! 
If bootcamps scare the crap out of you, check out my bootcamp tips here. ; ) 
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  1. that looks AWESOME! I think butt kicking workouts are so much better when you have supportive people around you for encouragement and motivation.

    Not a bad way to wake up : )

  2. if only I could be half that hardcore – or just get out of bed at that time.

  3. This is great! I do Cross Fit and even though getting up so early can be hard, it is so worth it and I’m always glad I get my butt up and go! 🙂

  4. I LOVE my bootcamp! So much fun!

    SOOO SOOO SOOO hard to get up at 5:15am but so awesome having the workout done in the day.

    If I’m ever in your area I’m totally crashing a boot camp session, they look awesome!!!!


  5. This is awesome! I need boot camp! You girls are rocking it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always fun to check out new sites and I love yours. Be blessed 🙂

  6. I enjoyed my bootcamp experience! It was tough to get up at 5 in the morning but it was all worth it. It was fun, challenging and the best part is I gain friends!

  7. I would get up at 5am to see a guy in gold lamé shorts too.

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