Instagram makes everything look cooler

I swear, I almost wish that I hadn’t dropped those few hundred bucks on my camara because I hardly ever use it anymore.Yay for the iPhone app, Instagram. I’m sure we’ll all be over it in a few months, but until then…

Me and Sarah (friend/boss)

Flowers she got me for my birthday

Cash curled up with my legs in bed, passed the F out

My bedside table/trunk

And the ever-handsome Tango

Good ones, huh? And I think that app’s $.99? Maybe it’s $1.99. Money well spent if you ask me. These are taken with the Lord Kelvin filter. Happy Tuesday, guys! Hope you’re being productive with your time today and not playing with your phones… ; )

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  1. totally love the instagram app! first i need to get a phone that has more than dial-up-internet and then….totally instagramming it! love that first pic – gorg!

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