Ish Happens…

You can go on mini-shopping sprees, buy new clothes, have people tell you that you you look nice… and then the next day, you get shat on by a bird while you’re training somebody in the park under a tree. Damn.

I will now add this to the list of things that suck (only sometimes) about being a trainer*… along with people farting near you while doing sit ups, and the occasional ball sighting when dudes don’t wear anything under their shorts while on the leg press machine.
Another funny, humbling story here. If you want another laugh.
* Otherwise, being a trainer is awesome.
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  1. You made my day!

  2. HAHA i loved this. and really…what is with the ball sighting?????

  3. The encouragement of seeing your blog today is going to make me get on my treadmill! 🙂 It’s been two days!! Love your blog, girl!

  4. Ha!At first glance I thought you got a new tatoo…well I guess you kinda did.

  5. That happened to me when I was out shopping once, so so gross. But according to some it’s good luck. Now I don’t know what good luck I got out of that bird pooping on me, but you never know!

  6. hahaha ewww!

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