Italia: Part 2

After our long day at the Vatican, we headed here: 
{Il Colosseo}

We were beyond excited to visit The Coliseum on this trip, especially my man-friend.
He was going to make me watch Gladiator since I’d never seen it (I know, I know).
It was incredible! The sheer size of it (insert “that’s what she said” joke here),
the gravity of what went on there, how it could still be standing after all these centuries…
all of it was incredible. 

 perhaps a different leg angle would have been more appropriate…

And the Arch of Constantine
just across the way… 

We could have spent hours here, but it was closing and we were starving… 
So we took a long walk then headed to dinner. 
The FOOD post next!
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  1. The coliseum freaked me out. It was so much too take in, so much history.
    I really can’t wait for the food… 🙂

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