It’s a big news week: Post #2 – A Blate To Remember

A Blate to Remember…   
(and linking it to my 2nd Fave movie: An Affair to Remember*) 

Ahnika and I have been blog buds for a couple years now. (She’s not blogging at the moment. And  even though a bunch of us have peer pressured asked her nicely to come back, she’s just not feelin’ it at the moment.) But from the time I read her blog I knew she and I would be serious friends. We post, we banter through witty comments, we share a few emails and texts here and there. We just click.

There was a weekend a while back that she was visiting Bridget in Boston at the same time I was going to work in Boston. It was fate! So we made plans to meet up. It was going to be so exciting! Not quite as dramatic as the Empire State building on Valentine’s day or anything (we’re both taken, BTW) but drinks in town would be just as great!

But then she had a last minute family thing and couldn’t go… We were bummed. But at least it wasn’t because she was hit by a car and paralyzed or anything. #gladgame
So fast forward to a couple weeks ago… and me having to go to San Fran for work. And her now living outside of San Fran because of her husband’s work. We were brought back together! So we made lunch/drink plans. 
And this time, there were no hiccups!
Although it was no Empire State Bldg reunion,
we had a grand time at lunch at Sauce in the Financial District.
And I got Ahn to drink bourbon
 : )

Svea and Ahnika

Not my best.
I learned quickly that Svea puts anybody else in the frame to shame.
And I didn’t even mean to make that rhyme.

See? We were MFEO.

Switched movies there on ya with that last one.
BUT it still pertains to the above.
: )

And we’ve made the move to Facebook friends.
So it’s for real now.

*If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it before you think I’m a creepy stalker. 
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  1. that beb is too precious! what a fun blate! glad y’all got to meet up, evne if on the other side of the country

  2. you were right. my boobs DO look good.

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