It’s National Dog Day! I love you, Tango!


In 2009 my boss, Joey, at Barry’s Bootcamp, brought a dog into the studio. Joey was always rescuing dogs from kill shelters in LA and bringing them into work so tons of people would see them and adopt them. They had been mostly smaller dogs, which I wasn’t looking for, but this┬áday, it was medium sized, white dog, named Tango, with the best eyes you’d ever seen. Tango hung out behind the counter and while I was getting ready to teach my class, we kind of had a moment. He was super sweet and seemed to want to just be there with me. After I taught class, we hung for another 10 minutes or so and I called Joey to tell him I wanted this dog. A few days later, I picked Tango up to keep him for a few days for a trial run. My then-husband and I would keep him for 3 or 4 days, see if we could work it out, and then go from there. About 3 hours after I picked him up, I called Joey back to let him know we would take him. This dog belonged with me.

His first photo… well actually his second. He did the head tilt thing as soon as I snapped it so I had to snap another.


This November will mark 5 years of my life with Tang. We’ve lived in California. We’ve lived in Kentucky. We’ve road-tripped across the country, been coast to coast, been camping and climbing. We’ve been to the beach, the desert, the mountains, and everything in between. We’ve lived in 4 places together… And I couldn’t ask for a better buddy.






People always say dogs are a lot of work, but I don’t agree. Work is a lot of work. Dogs are easy. You feed them. You play with them. You let them out to pee. Not that hard… You have to work much harder at any other relationship you have, but not with dogs. Sure, getting him to walk next to me and be social with other dogs has been challenging. Making sure he’s taken care of when my roomie and I are out of town at the same time can be challenging… but in the grand scheme of things, having him has been the easiest thing in the world. I LOVE this dog. He’s sweet. He’s beautiful. He’s smart. He frustratingly independent, but I guess I relate to that side of him. He’s fast and agile and makes a great running/jumping partner. He’s an incredible snuggler. He puts me to bed every night. He’s ready at a moment’s notice to go anywhere. And everybody loves him.




photo 2






The Tang.


I love you, buddy. I’m so glad we’re in this thing together.

photo 20

photo 1



Happy Dog Day to everybody out there, and your furry friends, past or present. xoxo

*the last 4 photos taken by my awesome friend, Danielle M.

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  1. I want my own tango!

  2. JPan says

    Love your dog, Tango, Ami!! Super cute. Looks like my dog Day-Z (Daisy but spelled like ‘Jay-Z’ cuz she’s from the streets! ha)

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