Kid-Approved Podcasts for (Short or Long) Road Trips

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If you’re in the car with kiddos for any length of time this summer, you know that keeping them engaged or occupied (or asleep) is the key to peace and smooth traveling. Podcasts have been our jam lately because they’re free, quickly downloadable, and there’s a plethora to choose from. There are even a few that are as entertaining for the adults as they are for the kiddos. These are the ones our boys, ages  6 & 8, have been loving this summer:


The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

These 10 – 12 minute episodes follow reporter Eleanor Amplified as she tries to solve a mystery that seems to be centered around the corporate misdeeds of the company Megablurg. I loved the old-school radio show sound of this series as much as the each of the characters – my favorite being Con Seanery. The short duration of each episode was perfect for trips to/from school and swimming lessons. They even have a road trip version that plays the first 10 episodes as one whole story (so you don’t have to listen to the credits 10 times) if you’re on a long drive. Make sure you start at the beginning so you get the whole story!

Episode to Start With: Episode 1 – Pilot (Robot)


WOW In The World

Guy Raz (who I love from the entrepreneur podcast “How I Built This”) and Mindy are super funny hosts who look at different crazy things that happen in the natural world. From the eating habits of pandas to flying cars to… poop, the kids are always fascinated. The episodes are usually around 25 minutes long and they’re split between two topics. The kids love laughing at Mindy’s crazy antics and crack up at Guy Raz’s deadpan responses. We’ve learned lots of interesting tidbits this summer and the kids now refer to cool things in nature as their “wow.” You can start with any episode!

Episode to Start With: Bag O’ Worms & the Velocity of Poop.

Brains On!

This one we just found (as we’ve caught up on all the episodes of the other podcasts). We started with the Fart Smarts episode and as you can imagine, was a big hit. We all learned a bit about the science of cutting the cheese and what’s actually happening in your body to cause the gas in the first place. We’re looking forward to the other episodes as well and it seems like there’s no shortage of fun topics. There are dozens of episodes in the feed.

Episode to Start With: Fart Smarts – Understanding The Gas We Pass.

Check out the “Featured” section of the podcast app on your smart phone or computer.

There’s a “For Kids” section that you can scroll through.

If anybody has any recommendations, please pass them along! We’ve got a trip in August to prep for!

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