Last Minute Gift Ideas That Aren’t “Things”


A lot of us are trying to ease back on the amount of “stuff” we accumulate and I’ll bet most of us don’t have our holiday shopping done yet. So… in the spirit of minimalism, efficiency, and in an effort to save us all from clutter and trash (while still supporting the economy), here’s my list of gift ideas that don’t involve shipping, wrapping, or waste of any kind!

$10 – $30 Price Range


Online Subscriptions

Online magazine subscriptions, online newspapers, and online memberships are great options. Whether it’s The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, or the Economist, this gift gets people information, supports the economy, and it doesn’t create any waste! PLUS, online subscriptions are often those types of things that people want for themselves, but don’t think about purchasing. A year of my local newspaper and favorite magazine online are both just $10 a piece!


Punch Cards to Fitness / Activity Facilities

I know most people think that gift cards are impersonal, but two of my favorite past gifts were punch cards to the places I wanted to go the most. My dad got me a 10 class punch card to the Louisville Ballet school a couple years ago and I LOVED it. I was able to take class once a week for a few months. My man-friend also bought me a 10 visit card to a local climbing gym. Do you know somebody that’s wanting to get in better shape? Have they specifically expressed interest in wanting to take classes or get a personal trainer? EVERY fitness studio, yoga studio, and online workout program offers punch cards or gift cards so take advantage! If you’re unsure of how to go about it, email them and ask. They’ll be sure to accommodate. Just make sure the person you’re buying for definitely wants this… or this gift may offend.

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$30 – $100 Price Range


Lessons of Any Kind

Getting somebody a single lesson or group of lessons is a great way to tap into something they’ve always wanted to do, but either never got around to or didn’t have the money for. Woodworking workshops, flying lessons, cooking classes, bicycle maintenance classes, rock climbing, knitting, guitar, painting, singing, etc! The list goes on and on… Gift them their starter package!


Massages are great, but I’d equally love if a 2 hour cleaning session was gifted to me. I hate deep cleaning! Know somebody that needs a dog walker? What about a couple nights with a baby-sitter? A detail package for your car or a consultation session with an organizer are great gifts for those with hectic schedules and wishing for a little more order in their lives. Figure out what would make their life easier and then order them a service.

$50 – $150 Price Range


Tickets to Events or Performances

I love tickets to Broadway performances, and when big dance companies come through town, I always want to attend. You can get tickets for all kinds of events for somebody on your list. It can be an upcoming sporting event, a concert, public event, movie that somebody wants to see, etc. Find out who they love and gift them the opportunity to take it in.

ANY Price Range

growing tree / Love nature


I can give you about 15 organizations off the top of my head that I would love to donate to on a monthly basis. Having somebody give a donation in my name to a cause I’m really passionate about would mean the world to me.

Other options include going shopping with a friend and both of you buying items that are needed for a local charity group. My cousin and I once went shopping together for the Salvation Army Angel Tree to buy presents and much needed winter clothing for local kids in need. I know families that don’t buy presents for each other anymore but go grocery shopping together every year specifically for the food bank in their area.

What other ideas are there for gifts that aren’t “things?”

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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