Let’s Discuss: The SERIAL Podcast!

I know I’m a little tardy to the Serial party, but I finally made it, so let’s discuss.

Please… I’m dying to…


I’ve known millions of people that have listened to the 12 episode podcast highlighting the details of a murder case from 1999. First I heard 1 thing about it, then a few things about it, and then SNL made fun of it so I knew it had to be good. If you haven’t listened to the series yet, go ahead and download it. Then come back in two days after you’ve binge listened to the whole series. Then you’ll be caught up and can enjoy this post to its full capacity. I started listening a couple weeks ago, getting through an episode every time I walked Tango. I was way into it immediately, as I love any type of true crime mystery — anybody else obsessed with Forensic Files,  Cold Case Files, or Dateline?! I finally finished it Saturday afternoon and this is what I think about it:

Jay > Jay seems like an asshole. He totally sounds like that weird guy that hangs around that everybody thinks is cool… until they get out of high school and realize what a loser he was for hanging around all high school kids. PLUS, everybody they ask about him says he was a liar, told tall tales and was shady. WTF?! Let’s just base an entire case around the ONE guy, known as a liar, that knew where the dead girl’s car was and where her body was buried.

And if he was telling the truth why doesn’t he try to stop Adnan when he tells him he’s going to kill Hay. He doesn’t call the cops. He doesn’t warn Hay… He’s like, “OK man, I’ll get some shovels from my house and meet you in the parking lot.” NBD. And if he wasn’t lying, he’s just as guilty as the killer. And he’s an asshole. If somebody told a friend of mine they were going to kill me, I’d at least hope for a text message warning… “BTW Your ex told me he was gonna kill you tomorrow afternoon SOOOOOO be ready for that. See ya in homeroom! -Thumbs Up Emoji-“

Jen > There’s something weird about this chick too. So Jay tells her what happened. She doesn’t react like you’d assume somebody would after hearing that their good friend just helped bury the body of another good friend. Then she drives him around to get rid of his clothes, shovels, etc and doesn’t say a word to anybody. She never talks to the cops until Jay does. Then she has to. And she changes her story too! She seems suspect to me as well. If Jay needed to tell somebody about this, he should have told the cops, or his own girlfriend.

Adnan’s lawyer > HOLY COW. I really hope if I ever get committed for a crime that I don’t have the equivalent of Adnan’s lawyer. Besides her crazy annoying voice, she really blew it. She drops the ball on highlighting his alibi girl. She drops the ball on disproving Jay’s character. And she’s got the MOST annoying voice I’ve ever heard. What is must have been like to be sitting in that court room listening to her for that long… Plus, she wouldn’t let Adnan take the stand and try to defend himself.  I can’t imagine sitting by, for that many weeks of trial days, not saying a single word in my own defense.  AND letting her miss so much important stuff. (And listening to her god-awful voice!) I mean… if a reporter can come in and take this whole case apart, how come she, a lawyer trained to look at every piece of the pie, couldn’t do a better job? It sucks that she’s dead now and can’t be questioned. But even if she were alive, I don’t know what I’d think of her response…

All the jurors > I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a juror in a murder case, as I’ve never been one, but wouldn’t you think that even if you did think Adnan was the killer, you’d want a little more evidence to convict him? I mean, you’re in charge of the rest of somebody’s life. I’d want to be sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that somebody was guilty before sentencing them to a lifetime behind bars, and knowing that no other person could have been the killer, and out there on the loose! Shit!

Side note: Have you ever seen 12 Angry Men? It’s a really amazing Henry Fonda movie from the 50s, but it’s exactly the same thing: Very little evidence to suggest this one boy murdered somebody but ONE juror is there to actually take the case apart to make SURE he’s correct if he’s going to sentence somebody to life behind bars. These jurors needed to watch that ish. (And if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s crazy good. Plus, Henry Fonda is my jam…)


The Neesha Call > Um. I believe Sarah Koenig took this apart in about 3 minutes. The Neesha chick talked about speaking to Jay (who worked at the video store) on the phone once when she’d called Adnan. Jay didn’t work at the store when the murder happened SOOOOO this call happened later. AND the phone company records showed that they would have charged for a phone call even if it rang and rang, without an answering machine to pick it up. I’m done with this one.

Best Buy > I’ll never be able to look at this store the same… I wonder if their sales numbers have changed at all since the start of this podcast?


What I think: 

I’m kinda with Sarah Koenig on this one – definitely sure that there’s not enough evidence to convict Adnan. I think Jay had way more to do with it than he lets on. I think he got into some deep shit with some really bad people. I think Hay was killed by somebody else, but Jay was made to help get rid of the body and was able to pin it on Adnan pretty easily. Jay strikes me as the type of guy to be just involved enough with the wrong people and to be the dumbass to get involved with something like this. Jay knew where her car was. Jay used his own shovels to bury her body. Jay threw away all his clothes afterward and had two full weeks to figure out a story before he went to the cops. And I still can’t get over the fact that the state provided him with a free lawyer and never served ANY time for his involvement in her burial. I meeeeeeeeeean…..

If Adnan did do it, why would he even speak to Sarah week after week? If he did do it, he would have been prepared with a story to tell the cops. He would have automatically said, “I was at track practice.” or he did this or that. When you are an honest person, you’ll say exactly what you know: That he really can’t say for sure what he was doing on that particular day. I think because he’s so honest he can’t defend himself enough to save his skin because he’s trying to be truthful about his whereabouts that day. I don’t think I would have been able to say where I was a few weeks earlier when I was in high school.

And there are SO many people that say Adnan was a good guy. There are SO many people that say Jay was a liar. Why focus so much on this story Jay (the liar) is telling, when it came out that his story changed SO many times. The cops caught him lying several times, but this is still how things panned out. I don’t think Adnan did it. I think Jay was way more involved than he claims. And I think the state of Maryland is trying to cover up some crazy shit to get the case dealt with and swept under the rug.

I’m done.

I rest my case.


Added bonus – This side visual:

My roomie was telling me about one of these Venn Diagrams she saw and I found this full article here. The below visuals are my jam. You’ll only get them if you’ve listened to the whole thing…



This last one makes me hard laugh. ^

So. Did you listen to it?! What are your thoughts?! I’m dying to discuss!

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  1. but for reals! So many feels. So addicted and the lawyer’s voice I would have considered him guilty on her annoying voice alone. The worst

  2. mary beth says

    a most awesome post. Agree from top to bottom. and love the graphics!
    by the way — in yet another post-serial jay interview, he changed his story AGAIN. I think he’s saying now that Adnon showed him the body in front of his (Jay’s) grandmother’s house.

  3. Jenn says

    Ok, so how did I not know you are a true crime fan?! Me too! We loved this pod cast! My short opinion….. I feel like numerous people are lying. I am not convinced that the janitor who found the body while peeing on the side of the road doesn’t know more. I feel like the chances of that are so slim. And if you had to pee so bad, most dudes would stand next to their truck and pee and drive on. It is unbelievable Adnan was convicted mostly based off of one shady guy who told different versions of the story, I mean hellllllo??!!! WTF. I am disappointed they weren’t able to share the outcome of the forensics and kinda wish they would have waited to wrap up the show until they had those results back. I am really not sure who I think did it but think there is lots of missing information. Had I been a juror, I would not have been convinced beyond reasonable doubt. This also made me think about the fact that there really are innocent people in prison and how sucky that is. Sometimes I have a twinge of wishing I would have stuck to forensics. Of course I will be curious to hear the follow up!!

    On another note, watch The Frozen Ground. It is about Alaskan serial killler Robert Hansen. Crazzzzzy.

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