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Between our annual family visit to Ontario, a fitness conference in Toronto, and my birthday, describing the past 9 days as ‘hectic but fun’ would be an understatement.

There’s a big fitness conference every August in Toronto and since Fraser and I have to be there already, we’ve begun this ritual of bringing the boys with us and pairing the travel with a few days of visiting Fraser’s family members who live around there. His mom, dad, brother, aunt, and best friend all live within a couple hours of each other so it’s a lot of driving and switching houses. We had a really fun day riding roller coasters with the kids at Canada’s Wonderland, had a zoo day and also a couple relaxing days on the lake (which is where a majority of my photos were taken).

I’m currently on my flight home, blogging from the middle seat in the back of the plane after waking up at 4:30am. I couldn’t get on the same flight as Fraser and the boys – they’ll be flying later in the afternoon – but it’s kind of nice to have some wifi and get some work done. I’ll also have a few hours at home to hang with Tango, get some laundry started, and hopefully take a nap before I have to go retrieve the guys from the airport. I think it’s going to be a nice Sunday…

In other news, here’s what I’ve been up to lately:


Making: Plans to be in the midwest! I’ve got TRX courses in Indiana and Ohio next weekend and I’m hangin’ in Kentucky for a few days afterwards. Woot!

Wanting: to get home to Tango! We’ve been gone 9 days and I’ve missed my dog.

Reading: This book that’s making me laugh unexpectedly. A fun self-discovery memoir that you might find as entertaining as I do.

Watching: About 1 episode per week of Girls, season 1. Tardy to the party, but this ish is funny.

Listening To: Pod Save America, Lovett or Leave it, Call Your Girlfriend, and Oprah’s new podcast. All of these today while I travel alone. Who knew I listened to some many shows with foul language? They’re all stacking up in my feed as I’ve been with the kiddos so much lately and not been able to listen.

Drinking: Black tea and trying not to spill it on my laptop on this tiny tiny tray table.

Eating: Nothing for breakfast so far and starving… 4:30am wake ups suck.

Enjoying: Feeling productive. I don’t feel this way as often as I should, so when the urge to get shit done comes around, I run with it. I’m getting so much done today. You don’t even know.

Hoping: The B.C. wildfires will be put out soon. They’ve been raging for the past month. : (

Needing: Sleep. Fraser and I shared a full-size bed a few too many times this week and since we both require a bit of space to sleep well (mainly because I sleep starfish-shaped), we were a little tossy-turny  all week.

Feeling: Excited about getting back to the mountains today and back to Kentucky next weekend. I love both these places so much.

Wearing: My ultimate plane outfit has consisted of these Studio Pants (in black) for the past 5 years. I prefer these over regular yoga pants when flying because I need pockets for my phone, card, and passport for quick retrieval. The pants were pricey (fitness pros get a discount, thank goodness), but they’re the most comfortable, flattering travel pants I’ve ever known.  They’re still in amazing shape and I will wear them until they fall apart at the seams, which may be in another 10 years. Quality purchase.

Noticing: That the week off from working out was not as bad as I thought… All the traveling and visiting with relatives (plus the horrendous period and shoulder tweak from last week) contributed to a not-as-active week. The first couple days I was stressing out slightly at not getting a chance to workout  but then I just said, “F*** it, I’m chilling this week.” I feel recovered and I’m ready to get back at it tomorrow. Don’t feel bad about it at all.

Pinning: This pasta dish I made recently got to stay on my {To Eat} board on Pinterest. A lot of recipes I’ve pinned lately haven’t turned out that great, so I’ve deleted them, but this one was quick, yummy, and easy AF. Everybody requested it again soon, so I’ll take that as a small dinner victory.

Wishing: My birthday wishes include having to never hear about a D.T. tweet again and that any other future attempted white supremacist rally is doused as quickly and ultimately as the one in Boston yesterday. And that Heather Heyer may rest in peace.

Loving: Sundays. I love Sundays.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any recs?

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