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Work, travel, and the holidays. I’m pumped, y’all. I’m so excited to have received my work permit for Canada. I’ve been busy making appointments, scheduling future classes, and creating personal training marketing materials and I’m pumped about it. Although most of my work won’t be able to start until the new year because of Asia travel and heading home to Kentucky for my new nephew’s birth between the holidays, I’m excited that at least it’s allowed to start.

Speaking of travel, Fraser and I leave tomorrow for Hong Kong for the TRX Trainer Summit there. We’ll be there through the weekend and I’m pumped to get my tourist on. I’ve never been to HK and I’ve been scouring the web for places to go. If you’ve been, please give me your recommendations!

From there, we are heading to central Vietnam to finally take our honeymoon. We have a week stay in a small eco resort right on the water and we couldn’t be more pumped about not having anywhere to be.

Making: This butternut squash soup, unsuccessfully. There’s about 4 times too much cream cheese in the recipe…

Wanting: Lawmakers that actually respond to a public health crisis of having to be prepared to be shot at anywhere you go in the U.S. Solutions would be great any day now. If you’re in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, or Washington, you’d better be voting today!

Writing: Emails to both my state’s senators, the governor, and both my districts legislators. I spent half an hour yesterday morning asking all of them individually what they’re planning on doing to make it safer for us, to ban AR-15 rifles, and that I wanted a written response or phone call back. Social media posts are not enough, y’all. Google “Find My Legislator” and write them an email. *Update – I heard back from one so far. He says people wanting gun safety are in the minority. Not enough of us are writing or calling. He says more need to make contact in order to make a difference, especially in red states.

Reading: What Happened & Alexander Hamilton (which is 1600 pages and from the library’s ebook system, which means it has to go back every 7 days and it’s constantly on the waiting list… so it’s going to take me a while to get through it).

Watching: I finished Season 1 of This Is Us (YOU GUYS). Fraser and I finished Stranger Things Season 2 and are wanting to start The Mindhunter. Anybody seen that one? Patiently waiting for Season 2 of The Crown. Netflix is killing it right now.

Listening To: Way too many podcasts that I’ve subscribed to. My feed is overflowing. Good thing I’ve got lots of flight/travel time the next two days! Currently loving Uncivil history podcast and Pod Save the World.

Drinking: Hot Apple Cider in the evenings, w/ a cinnamon stick to be fancy AF.

Eating: All the fall squash. If you have an acorn squash recipe you love, please share!

Enjoying: Making work plans for the future.

Hoping: That d.t. isn’t in Vietnam on the same dates we are. His Asia tour right now is directly intersecting with ours and we’ll be flying into the same Vietnam airport in Da Nang.

Needing: The winter temps not to dip too low just yet. Tango needs time to grow some fur on his feet!

Feeling: A little stiff from the past few days’ workouts and a little chilly.

Wearing: My down slippers because winter in Canada.

Noticing: The time change. I wide awake at 5:30am today.

Pinning: Only travel and holiday things. I’m getting fed up with the recipes from people that don’t have any culinary training and whose meals don’t pan out. < – See what I did there?

Wishing: For safe travel for us the next two weeks.

Loving: Getting to explore two new countries with my favorite travel buddy.

Winter is setting in here, but it’s fun to pack for warm destinations!

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