Life Currently… December 2017

After being in Asia for two weeks, home for a week, and then in Kentucky for a week, it’s nice to be back home to stay for a bit. It was an awesome time in Kentucky meeting my newest nephew, Nathan Scott, and my pretty-much-niece, Rose Caroline (photos on Instagram). New baby smell is my favorite! It was great to see a bunch of friends and family, as always.

Fraser is in San Fran this week at TRX headquarters and the boys are with their mom until Friday so it’s just me and Tango. We’re using this time to catch up on lots of Netflix, podcasts, and outside time, while also trying to get some Christmas shopping and wrapping done before everybody is back this weekend.

Making: Promotional fliers and photos for my new classes around town that I’m launching in January!

Wanting: Snow! With this run of warm weather, all the snow that was here is now gone. While I’m enjoying driving on clear roads, I’m still hoping for some snow soon so we can have a white Christmas and get back to skiing!

Writing: Articles for fitness publications and my next newsletter that will be out by the end of the week. If you’re not currently on my newsletter email list, you can sign up in the right column!

Reading: L’dOL all the way through Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl,” am in the middle of Smarter, Faster, Better productivity book, & Truly, Madly, Guilty  just popped onto my Kindle from the library. We only get ebooks for 7 days before they disappear, so I’ll probably shift focus to that one this week while I’m home alone. Is anybody else doing the reading challenge?

Watching: Netflix – watched The Christmas Prince last week (it’s so bad it’s good), just finished Paris Can Wait, am about to start Season 2 of The Crown. I am trying to figure out a way to watch the first 3 episodes of This Is Us from season 2. I watched the first season on Netflix last month, but when I tried to dvr it on our tv, they were already a few episodes into season 2. So basically I’ve got episode 4 and on. I can’t get or hulu in Canada… Anybody have any ideas?

Listening To: Catching up on my entire podcast feed this week while little ears aren’t around to hear on speaker. Hearing lots of great stuff about the 6 part series of a Kentucky preacher turned dirty politician, “The Pope’s Long Con.”  And Christmas music… duh.

Drinking: Not White Russians, my usual winter evening cocktail of choice. Apparently Kahlua from last year goes bad, y’all. Gotta go get some more.

Eating: This delicious chicken cashew curry soup. I’m taking a break from the 4 Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes I had last week. Haven’t seen them in Canada yet, but that’s probably a good thing…

Enjoying: All the Christmas decorations.

Hoping: That the California wild fires get under control soon. The poor people, firefighters, and first responders must be absolutely exhausted by now. Here’s where you can donate locally if you want to help!

Needing: This big wart on Tango’s leg to go away or at least calm down. I’d really like to not have to get it removed surgically, but will if it doesn’t chill out by next week.

Feeling: A little daunted by trying to secure enough work in this little town to make a decent living, but I’m excited about getting things rolling finally!

Wearing: Raise your hand if you take off one set of fitness clothes and put on another (fresh pair) after you’ve worked out…

Noticing: How precious our time is. One friend lost his mom last week and another friend is losing her dog today. Hug your people and your pets.

Smelling: This fir tree scented candle burning approximately a foot away from my face. Thank you Target and your kickass dollar aisle. I stocked up last week!

Pinning: Nowadays, it’s not so much about adding new things, but what gets KEPT on my boards. There are so many crap recipes out there by non-chefs. I’ve been purging recipes that didn’t turn out well. This mac & cheese recipe was SO GOOD though and you don’t even have to take the extra time to bake it. It gets to stay.

Wishing: That there are plenty of gifts and coats for kids in need this holiday season. Anybody in Alberta know of a kid’s charity we can help support? I’d like to get the boys involved with me this year.

Loving: That Doug Jones won the Alabama senate seat last night and that once Fraser gets home this Friday, neither one of us has to travel for at least 3 weeks, maybe 4!

Happy Hanukkah to those of you celebrating!

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