Life With Cats…

I’m a dog person. 
Fo Sho. 
That doesn’t mean I hate cats, I just prefer dogs. 
After living with 3 cats for the past 9 months, 
I’m STILL not used to them jumping on the table 
like ninjas,
and scaring the SHIT out of me. 
This is Cash.
He likes to help me work. 
And when I say “helps me work” 
I mean
“sticks his ass in my face and lays (lies?) on my computer keyboard while I’m typing”
 Even as I type this damn post he’s rolling around on the table in front of me. 
We’re gonna have to work on this, buddy…

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!
 I’m involved in B Party debauchery in Nashville.
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  1. Cats freak me out. I don’t dislike them, I’m just a little weary of them.

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