Links & Apparel That Are My Jam Right Now

{Up First: Apparel}

1) This new tank top from TRX! Instead of their trademark black & yellow, it’s black and PINK this month for Breast Cancer Awareness. Ten percent of proceeds go to the Susan G Komen Foundation, with a minimum of $25,000 being donated! Get yours here to help support!



2) This super cute and comfy Run With Me Toque from lululemon. You can fold it to wear it snug, or unfold it to wear baggy. AND it’s got a space for your ponytail, a must for chicas with long hair.



{And now for the links}

1) How the spread of ebola could actually save lives.

2) Watch this 11 year old tear up this hip hop routine (and make me like that song).

3) This video showing 10 ways to wear your Vinyasa Scarp/Warp, (which I have) and have now pinned.

4) The promo video for the new Go Pro 4. Good job, GoPro marketing team. It totally makes me think I could actually shoot video like that… all I need to do is climb a glacier or stand on top of a spewing volcano. #NBD.

5) This list of states and their same-sex marriage laws. It’s legal in 32 states now! I am still waiting for the day when it’s legal EVERYWHERE for people to marry whomever they love, no matter their orientation. #loveislove

6) These kids’ costumes that show their parents are freaking geniuses.

7) The book, Dancers Among Us, with beautiful photos of dancers in every day situations. I need this. Because my coffee table doesn’t have enough ish on it already…

Any cool links you wanna pass my way? Send ’em on!

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  1. The GoPro video is sick and makes me want to take an adventure immediately.

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