Living with dogs…

Tango loves when I stretch. I’m down on his level and he always wants to be right in my grill. Now we live with another dog, Churchill (9 months old) and he’s pretty pumped about me stretching as well.
Note his face IN MY STOMACH.
Never a dull moment in this household…
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  1. it’s like bama when i’m trying to do yoga!

  2. dying to get my wide stretch like that! it’s coming…ish 🙂

  3. AW! So cute!! My cats assume I exist only to pet them and act as a jungle gym, so I know the feeling.

  4. HAHA, I think you should make that second photo your banner…it’s legit.

  5. So funny! My dog does the same thing 😉

  6. Aw how cute! AND geez, you’re super flexible! You get stretching time and the dogs get mama time!

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