Local Love: New 2 Lou and The Sport & Social Club

So my buddies Stacey and Amador, owners of New2Lou
had their monthly social at the Sport & Social Club 
in downtown Louisville last night. 
As usual, we had a blast and even scored some free bowling. 

Some photos
and some funny Jim Gaffigan to go with it (SO true):
Although we didn’t bowl so well (who does really?),
we noticed that the scorekeeper also kept track of ball speed.
So then it just became a game of Who Could Hurl  Bowl the Ball Down the Lane the Fastest.
And because I know you’re wondering,
20.2 mph was the record, by Doug, for the record. ; )
 #gamechanger #totallysafe
Left: Gettin’ my game face on
Right: Willing the ball to the left. It didn’t work. 

Stacey, me, Abby
If you’re new to Lou (isville), you should totes check out New2Lou
They host fun socials in different locales each month
for you to see great parts of the city and socialize with new peeps! 
(They also keep you up-to-date on all cool happenings around the city.) 
Even if you’re not new (I’m from here) it’s a good time to be had by all.
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