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Does anybody have one of these? I’ve been wanting a good camera for a while now and have been researching them for months trying to figure out which one would suit me best. While my original plan was to go with the Canon Rebel XS, or the Nikon D 3000, I decided to go with this Canon S95 instead… Why? Because my friend, Missy let me borrow her Nikon D70 for a few weeks months and I’ve found that I actually NEVER want to use it because it’s so big and bulky. I’m always scared to bring it with me to work or out and about because I might break it or somebody might spill something on it, etc. Soooo I thought I might get something with a lot of power, but not a lot of bulk. And this is what I came up with:

It has a lot of features (you know, the ones I have no idea how to use) but can fit in my pocket/purse/bag and I’m sure to take it with me and actually use it for your viewing pleasure.
In other news, I didn’t buy a memory card because I kept the one from my last camera (the one that broke, causing me to look for a new one). I’ve seen this memory card probably half a dozen times in this house. The day I buy a new camera… it’s nowhere to be found. Appropriate.
When I breakdown and buy a new one find it, I’ll start taking some rad photos/videos of new exercises for upcoming challenges. : ) Happy Tuesday, peeps!
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  1. perfect. I’m in the market for a new camera but want to get a nice one that will enable me to take better pictures (better than my normal digital camera). I’ve noticed a lot of people prefer Canon cameras so it’s nice to see this one as an option. It looks like a good camera for me to learn some more advanced photography with before I get one of those bulkier camera. Can’t wait to see all that you do with it!

  2. Nice! I have one of those in addition to a bigger DSLR (D300s) that I use for work. The best camera is always the one you have on you so enjoy that pocketable Canon.

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