Lulu Gift to Myself… thanks to Scripps Peeps!

So my Scripps peeps sent me away from California with a lovely gift card from a company that I have had a very close relationship with for about the last 3 years: Lululemon Athletica

Haven’t heard of lululemon? They’re amazing! They’re a fitness wear company based out of Vancouver and have the BEST clothes for active people. Doesn’t matter if you do yoga once a week, like hiking, or spend your entire day teaching fitness, they have what you need.

My friend, Krissy just did a blog post on Lulu a couple weeks ago with way more details. Check it out at Miss B and Hustle and be sure to follow her blog, it’s fabulous!

I’ll admit, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you are very active, their stuff is COMPLETELY worth it. Very flattering (unlike most Women’s fitness wear) and highly effective at sweat-wicking. They sport the bet fabrics for all their clothes. You should check it out. See me here and here and here.
AND they have a sale section on their website…check out the “we made too much” column on the left side of the page to score some discounts! About half of my wardrobe is now lulu as a lot of their stuff can double as regular, everyday wear.

Anywho, I hadn’t been able to use my gift card since they don’t have a store in KY yet, so I decided to hop online and shop. Soooo happy I did! My package came yesterday and I sported my new blue top today! Early birthday present to myself (real b-day is tomorrow!)…
I also got this jacket (I’m aware that it’s a million degrees outside, but come winter, these things will be virtually impossible to get your hands on… they sell fast). I have two others. This one has a breathable back, zipper pockets to hold your keys or ipod, thumb holes on the sleeves, and even an extra cuff that folds over your hands to keep them warm while you run! GENIUS!

So thank you lululemon athletica for making such wonderful clothing for me. And finally, thanks to my Scripps Peeps at Campus Point who hooked me up with an awesome going away gift! I appreciate it and miss you guys!

Top Row: Pam, Nate, Danielle, Brad, Jacqui (sp?) Katya
Bottom Row: Tabatha, Lindsay Y, Me, Kathryn
Missing: too many to name and don’t want to forget anybody (Tab) : ) haha

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  1. Happy Early Birthday!! Lovely Ami! I love your new blog=full of good stuff…I’m inspired by it. +Brilliant birthday girl+ More tomorrow on your bd. xjmom

  2. Thanks, Jenise! Miss you!

  3. Now that I’m back on the fitness train, I think I really need to hit up Lululemon! I’ve been seeing people singing their praises all over the blogosphere!

  4. I completely agree! Lululemon is expensive, but completely worth every penny!

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