March Madness, The Man-Friend, & “THE BET”

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It’s March Madness and I’m pumped! I love this time of year in sports. Football is over! Spring is coming! And basketball is awesome. Last year, my man-friend and I made a wager on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament… I filled out a bracket, just like I had a million other times before. Since I live in Kentucky, aka Basketball Country, I’ve been filling out brackets since I was in middle school. I should clarify… I’ve been filling out awful brackets ever since I was in middle school. I suck at this. I don’t pay attention to any other teams in the NCAA, except for University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, so I always put them in the final four, if not winning. Soooo if niether of them advances, I’m screwed. BUT last year, U of L Cards took it to the house, won the whole damn thing and I HAD THEM WINNING in my bracket!

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It was marvelous! I’ve never gotten so lucky done so well before on my NCAA bracket. And it was totally worth it, because the stakes were high:


said stakes:

*Winner gets any dinner they choose, made for them by the loser.

*Winner gets a half hour massage from the loser.

*Winner gets to pick the next 3 movies for date night.

ANY 3 MOVIES winner wants!

The dinner and massage were great, of course, but getting to pick any movie I wanted was the BEST. I knew he’d never watch some movies that I loved, so this was my chance. : ) We watched How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Clueless, and the Sandlot. He actually liked the Sandlot quite a bit (duh), but he was not entertained in the least with the first two. It was great fun for me though… and I’ve been gloating about my luck win for the past year.

Flash forward to this year…

I have no idea about any of these damn teams: Seeds are not what I expected. Louisville is cranking again, but statistically could they really win two championships in a row?! It’d be awesome, but not likely. So I just picked. Tried to pick logically. Tried to pick some upsets. Ya know… the usual. But really, I have no effing clue and I’m worried that I might end up watching the Star Wars Trilogy or MMA ish in 3 weeks time. ¬†Sigh. This could be bad.

So who do you have winning the whole thing?

And IF I win again this year, which movies should I choose?

Les Miserables? Sweet Home Alabama? The possibilities are endless…

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; )

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  1. Pinky says

    What a great bet. Would you believe I’ve never seen Sandlot?!?! And I’m married to a baseball player?!?!? Yeah, I know.

    I have Arizona beating Syracuse this year in the finals.

    My movie picks would be Breakfast at Tiffanys, A Walk to Remember and Bridesmaids!

    have a great one!


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