Me, Jenn, Christy

Remember these chicks? Well they came to the Ville on Saturday for a girls’ day. We ate a lot of food. Good times.
First on the list? Breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe. This cooky little place is a staple in Louisville. Fun decor, REALLY amazing food, funky gift shop.
And the stick-your-head-in-the-wooden-cutout-thingys are always fun too…
Look whose belly is adorable… We’re using her as our excuse for eating a ton today.
Onto the Homemade Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen. Yes, it’s as wonderful as it sounds. No, you can’t eat like this all the time. All in moderation.
We did a bunch of other stuff, but didn’t take photos. So we took a group shot at the end of the day. And they were bitches. Just like last time. Ladies, no more couch photos. That’s it. You’re cut off.
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  1. Her belly is adorable!

    And I laughed at the part where you use her as an excuse to overeat. I should tell all my friends (29 weeks and counting!)

  2. I love the bright happy colors in these photos. And where is that pie kitchen?! I simply must try their pie.

  3. christy says

    K, I know these were forever ago…but are you really attacking a pregnant person? And over feet….geeze ;o)

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