Mid-Week Climbing Days!

So my friends Adam and Andrea, last seen here,  
have just returned home from spending several months traveling
the globe. Since they’re in the process of finding work again, 
they have some free time and 
they’re my new go-to buds for climbing mid-week! 
A & A 
(& fake smiles)
We were able to drive out to the Red River Gorge, 
which is a little less than two hours away from Louisville. 
The weather was perfect, 
we all got a little climbing in, 
I got to lead (which I’ve been needing to get back to),
and fun was had by all… 
especially the Tang:
I’ve also started making a new “Goin’ Climbin'” Playlist
because there are always songs I want to hear on 
the drive out to the Red… or anywhere to climb, really.
Any mellow, but fun songs I should add? 
It’s a two hour (ish) drive…
also love me some Jason Tyler Burton!
His ish just isn’t on Grooveshark…
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  1. My husband would have loved this! Not me though, I’m a chicken.

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