Mom’s Visit to Canada!

My mom had never been to Canada before last year. She and my dad were both able to fly out here last minute for our wedding  but on that trip it was -7 degrees and they were only able to stay for the busy weekend, so it wasn’t the best chance for sightseeing.

This time, she came out for 6 days at the end of September and scored the best fall colors and weather.

We had the boys with us for the first couple days so she got to hang with them, play games, do school drop-offs, and go to basketball practice. They were back at their mom’s for the next few days so we got a bunch of time for just the two of us. It was a great week!

“Just like a cuddle in a cup.” CUTE.

The obligatory trip to Tim Horton’s for donuts and soup.

British Columbia

Taking Tango on walks by the river

And time with the boys…

Robin brought her so many books to read, they all just settled into the couch for a while. Fraser & I were able to sneak out to the park for a quick game of disc golf together, something we’d picked up earlier this summer.

Full-on Mammaw role:

Can’t get enough of this scenery!

Now taking reservations for all other family members (and friends) to come visit!

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