Somebody’s totally having a case of the Mondays… #itsme

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There’s nothing horrible about today so I guess I shouldn’t complain… but I’m going to anyway. You can exit out of this post now if you want… I won’t be offended. My Mondays are usually very productive. There’s always a lot to get done on Monday so I hit the ground running. I’m usually getting home from my weekend travel, getting rolling for the week ahead, and just feeling energized. Today is not that Monday. Today is the stereotypical Monday that everybody loves to complain about. I’m tired. I’m not being productive, I don’t want to do a workout, I can’t even take the nap I just tried to take. I was too drained to go to the ballet class that I’d planned on taking this morning as well. I’m just feeling… blah.


So I’m just going to focus on getting through the work I have to get done, then take the dogs for a long walk and hope that reenergizes me. I’m working on lots of things for this week, so stay tuned for a playlist, a giveaway, and some pretty photos. In the meantime, I think it’s time for a little James Taylor Pandora station action and a deep breath.

Happy Monday, everybody. Let’s get through this bitch.

; )

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