Movement Tips for the BEGINNER Beginner.

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There are enough posts out there to recommend really hard/advanced exercises, but this post is aimed at those in the very beginner category: those that have been sick or injured for a while, those who are extremely overweight, or those that experience difficulty with most physical activity.

Maybe you’ve made the decision to “get in shape,” but you’re not totally sure where to start. Or, you’re not physically, financially, or emotionally ready to join a gym just yet. Whatever your motivation is, it’s awesome that you’re ready to roll in some fashion. Here are a few beginner movement tips that may help you out:

Getting Up & Down:

Being able to sit and stand on your own makes the difference in whether or not you get to live independently as you age. Start with sitting and standing from a chair: Sit down, stand up, repeat. Can you do this without the use of your arms? Can you do it 5-10 times in a row? Once you can, progress to sitting and standing from your couch (this is usually lower than a chair, making it more challenging), then maybe from a step stool, then from the floor if your joints will allow it painfree. Being able to sit and stand without using your arms* will strengthen your lower body and hips, as well as help keep you self-sufficient down the road.

*Take the Sitting-Rising Test when you feel ready.


Going up the stairs may be incredibly difficult if you haven’t been able to use them for a while, so try going down them more often. If you have to take the elevator up, see if you can take the stairs down, even if just a floor or two. Your body will be able to take on more the more you ask of it, so gradually increase how many floors you’re doing. Then, add in the “up” part in the same gradual process.


Add in a walk a few times per week. Whether it’s around your house, around your block, or around a park, anything is better than nothing. Make it a goal to start walking consistently though. Say you pick a walk around the block… Can you do that 3 times this week? Once you can do that regularly, increase the distance a little bit or how often you go. Grab a friend or neighbor that might like to join you so you’ve got some company.


All 3 of these things will increase your strength and challenge your cardiovascular system as you progress. Ask a doctor, friend or family member for help with any of this if you’re not ready to move on your own just yet.

Remember: Your Body Adapts to What You Make it Do

Unless you’ve got a specific disability, movements will become easier the more you do them…

Go get ’em. And #BeABeast

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