Moving On… Again.


A New Plan: As Rafiki once told Simba… “It is time.”  Time for another road trip, another move, and the beginning of a new adventure. Tango and I are simultaneously happy and sad to be leaving San Diego in June.

The three months we spent traveling around the U.S. and Canada last summer were amazing and I’ve had PRTD (post road trip depression) pretty much ever since we settled down. While San Diego will always hold a huge spot in my heart (the weather, the fitness industry, and my friends here can’t be beat) it’s not “home.” My man-friend and I have been making progress on our plans to actually get to live in the same place and things are moving along now.  And, there’s a work opportunity north of the border as well.


The Road Trip Plan: We’re still deciding on the exact route Tango and l will take when we leave here in June (as well as the actual departure date), but we are hoping to spend some time in Utah and Colorado for some climbing. I want to stop in Wyoming where my Burton buds live so I can play outside with them, and then head up to Canada for a little time with my man-friend and the boys.


Tango and I will then head home to Kentucky for a little bit to spend a little time (read: more than just a weekend) with my family and friends there. I’ve got to go to Chicago for a couple weeks for a training, and then take the long way back to Canada in August or September, depending on future work scheduling. Staying in Canada past the allowed 6 month mark will be dependent on how the paperwork is going by that point, so we’ll have to play it by ear.

The Work Plan: If you’re a fitness instructor in San Diego and looking to pick up some classes, let me know. My managers now have 23 classes that need instructors…

The Not Really Having a Set Plan Plan: Mostly, it’ll be a lot like last summer: Roaming, inefficient driving, camping, hiking, climbing, playing… just with a little tighter schedule.

The Bittersweet Feelings That Come With Moving Away: Like the other times, I’ll very much hate leaving the people I adore here. The peeps that I get to teach in class each week are some of my favorites and they make my work not seem like work. My friends in San Diego are also my jam and it makes me seriously wish that California, Canada, and Kentucky were all right next to each other (FOMO is real, y’all). There are too many awesome people in this world… it’s hard not to want to be near all of them at once.

So there it is. The new plan.

Now to get as much time as possible with my San Diego buds before we go!


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