Mulled Cider


Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I thought you might like a little cider recipe. Well I’m sure you’ve probably already had some, BUT if you’re making last-minute mad dashes to the grocery for things that you’ve forgotten (like me) you can pick up these things and make some cider. And you’ve got built-in potpurri as well! A two-fer! Who doesn’t love a house that smells like Christmas?! Nobody, that’s who.
This recipe comes from my Fannie Farmer cookbook that I bought from an antique store. The first edition is from 1896! Not only does it have awesome recipes, but it gives you great tips as well. For instance, “serve cider in mugs with hot doughnuts for a winter party.” Adorable. Don’t really do that though…
Mix in a saucepan:
1 quart cider
2 whole allspice
2 whole cloves
1 stick cinnamon (3 inches long)
Boil 5 minutes then Add:
3/8 cup brown sugar
Boil 5 minutes longer. Serves 6

Yummy! And feels great on sore throats! I’ll be sipping cider and wrapping presents for our poor tree that has nothing under it yet. Sigh. Being sick and out of town puts a damper on your Christmas decorating/shopping. Have a great evening!
photo by my Cousin Malissa! : )
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