My blog needs MY photos.

This post has NO photo today because I was in Beckley, West Virginia (teaching a TRX course) this weekend and it was absolutely GORGEOUS there, and I can’t find any photos online to do it justice.

*Sigh* It’s time that I break down and finally get a good camera so I can take my OWN photos without having to find some online or steal (with credit given) from others.
I’ve been wanting to get a good camera and start learning to shoot for some time now, especially since some of my good friends are insanely good photographers (i.e. Shelby, Ben, Jason, Troy). And since it seems every good, successful blog has beautiful photos. So now, I’ve got the urge to keep up with the the Joneses. Dangit.
So, Blogworld… who’s got good camera advice? I want something that’s NOT $10,000 and not so complicated to operate that I need a degree in photography to do so. If I can find something good soon, you will all be thanked by wonderful photos! And maybe some photos of exercises, and workout tips, and things such as this that I’ve been wanting to do since I started this blog (but haven’t done because it would have looked like POO with my old digital camera, that’s broken).
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  1. I absolutely love my Nikon D-5000, but the D-90 is supposed to be better. The 5000 is around $800, while the 90 runs a little over a $1000.

  2. girlfriend, i love mine. i have a canon rebel xs and it goes everywhere with me. in the $500 range.

  3. Hello!!! So definitely buy a Nikon or a Canon. I have a Nikon D3000 which is the entry DSLR camera for Nikon and I think it’s fairly easy to use (it was around $500 – 600)I’d probably buy now the D5000 though as that has live view and videocamera function as well! The photographer I’m working with has a Canon 40D and surprisingly in pretty much the same price range (800-900) and takes beautiful pictures! At the end of the day it’s mostly your lens that count though!

    Based on my experience so far I’d recommend the Nikon D5000 to you! 🙂

  4. As many photogs as you know, you could easily barter some pro pics.

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