My Car Needs A Name!

I love my cars. They are more to me than just transportation. Lola, Abe, Mona, and Charli were all like best buds to me. If you’ve been around here for a while, you might remember when Charli, my ’08 Mazda, bit the dust last year on our road trip from San Diego to Canada. I wasn’t ready to replace her for a new (to me) car, but I had no choice.  Although every car I’ve owned had a name within the first week, I just couldn’t think of a name right away for my new Mazda. Nine months later… she still doesn’t have a name. That changes this week.

Things to Consider:

  • Female name
  • Adventurous (she’s equipped for biking, climbing, camping, etc)
  • Has to match her black paint
  • I picked her up in the mountains and we live in the mountains.
  • She’ll go all over the U.S. and Canada, so maybe travel should be insinuated?
  • She’s a good lookin’ car. She needs a hot name.

I’ve done some serious thinking this week to try and nail this down and have come up with the following list below. Although I’m not going to place her name entirely in the hands of anybody else (you may have read about what happened with Boaty McBoatface), I would like to know what you guys think for a name that would suit an adventurous, sporty, awesome car that will go all over North America in her lifetime. Please click on the name below that you think best reflects my car.

Best Name for Ami’s Car


Quotes To Know

*This poll won’t center for anything. Sorry. It annoys me too…

I’m leaning toward two of these names so far, but I don’t want to tell you and skew the results.

And if you have a suggestion, leave it in the comment section! I’m open to other ideas.


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  1. Jenn says

    : energy, pep woke up full of moxie
    : courage, determination
    : know-how

  2. Kelli says

    Roxie? Spelling can get creative but some kind of combination of Rocky and Moxie.

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