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If you’re running a business, or thinking of starting one, you’re likely constantly looking for guidance. Whether it’s advice on how to get started or proven ways to enhance performance, there are loads of “business gurus” offering their help. Podcasts have become my favorite resource lately because many experts have started their own shows. Also, they’re efficient AF. I can listen on my run, while walking my dog, on my commute, or while I’m making breakfast in the morning. Here are the ones I’ve found most helpful and to-the-point lately:

{Open For Business}

by EBay & Gimlet Creative

Open for Business is one of my favorites because of how concise and to the point it is. Episodes are usually 25-30 minutes long and they have a clear focus and 4 – 5 takeaway lessons, which they repeat at the end if you happen to be taking notes… which I often do.

Favorite Episodes: Price is Right (How To Set Your Prices) & Surviving Failure


{Masters of Scale}


Hosted by the Co-Founder of LinkedIn and Greylock partner, Reid Hoffman talks with different entrepreneurs each episode to find out how they took their company from 20 customers to 20 gazillion. If you want to make more money without more work, you’ve got to figure out a way to scale your business & do the work to figure it out. I’m picking up some good tips to incorporate.

Favorite Episode: Handcrafted – AirBnB’s Brian Chesky


{Myliek Teele’s Podcast}

owner of CurlBox

I love Myleik’s no-nonsense style. She often interviews other badass entrepreneurs about how they got started, but I think my favorite episodes are the ones where she takes and answers lots of questions. Some are business-related, some are just money -related, but her answers are always along the lines of “here’s how to get your shit together” … which I’m a huge fan of.

Favorite Episodes: Quick & Dirty Q&A & Handling Your Own PR


{Start Up}

by Gimlet Media

If you want to launch your own company, listen to this FIRST… From the beginning. Alex Blumberg, former producer of This American Life & co-founder of Planet Money, decides to launch his own podcasting company & documents every step. While he’s a pro when it comes to producing, it’s evident from the word, “go” that he’s very new to the world of startups.

Favorite Episode: #1 How Not to Pitch a Billionaire

{TEDTalks Business}


If you’ve ever listened to a TED Talk, you know they’re incredibly fascinating. The business talks are no different. Running around 7-10 minutes per talk, you can easily listen to some really smart people make excellent points that will make you re-think your business.

Favorite Episode: Know Your Worth, and Then Ask For It.

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