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There are a million apps out there… and tons of fitness-related ones. Some are more aimed at fitness consumers and general population, some more towards fitness professionals. I’ve downloaded a bunch over the years, but have found that I only really use a selected few. These are those:


TRX Force – Super App

for the Fitness Consumer and the Fitness Pro

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If you’ve got a TRX Suspension Trainer, you want this baby. This “app” is incredible. It’s $39.99, which, to most, will sound crazy expensive for an app, but this gem is a full 12 week training program! Just click the day you’re on, complete the exercises, tap the “completed” icon, and it’ll show you where you’re at in the program the next time you open the app. (I love that it shows you how long the workout will take as well… helps with your time/day management.)


How much would you normally pay for a 12 week program designed by the best fitness programmers in the industry? Way more than $39.99. And you get the convenience of having it on your smart phone or tablet. It breaks down the performance training program into 4 workouts per week, giving you clear to read instructions, timers to help you keep track of how long to go, and videos to talk you through the key points of each exercise.

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There are even separate level breakdowns for beginner, intermediate, and advanced options of each exercise to keep you progressing once you’ve mastered the first levels. There are sections to show you proper set up and use of your Suspension Trainer, additional conditioning challenges and bonus workouts (like 48 workouts wasn’t enough) and my new favorite: a 4 week Pull-Up Improvement program, designed to help you be able to do more pull-ups. I’m only a few days into that part, but I can already tell a difference. : )

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Even though I’ve been with TRX for years, there are still exercises that I forget about, and new, harder levels to ones I’d already known of before. It’s great for the consumer because it get you going and shows you everything your TRX can do. It’s great for the professional because it shows you some new/different variations of movements you might already know. For me, I love it because I can go out for my workout and not have to think about anything. I program for my clients and classes all the time. It’s nice to be off the hook and just follow along for once! You can click here for %15 off your own TRX! Here for the app.




for the alcohol consumer ; )


This app is great! There are tons of nutrition content apps out there, but some people don’t have issues with their food, they have issues with their drinks. They don’t include those in their food logs and therefore aren’t really taking all of it into account: alcohol (which dehydrates you), calories, that have no use for fuel in your body, and sometimes a ton of sugar (which we all know does nothing good for you, your health, and the chiseled mid-section you’d like to have).

I have no use for most of the nutrition tracker apps these days. I know what I should eat and what I shouldn’t. This app, however, tracks the content of your beer, wine, and cocktails. I find it more interesting than anything. I’m a casual and social drinker. I probably have about 4 drinks per week, usually on the weekends. When I’m at home, I usually have a beer or glass of wine. If I go out, I usually enjoy a couple cocktails. I have a sweet tooth though, so it’s cool, and equally horrendous, to see what kind of sugar content I’m getting myself into.

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You can add your usual drinks to your “Favorites” page for a quick glance.

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And there’s a really great feature called “My Night” which will allow you to track everything you’ve had for the evening. You can look at your consumption in terms of A) alcohol, B) calories, and C) sugar.

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I toldĀ all my bootcampers about this app so they could pay attention to the same things. I got back a bunch of responses from clients that didn’t realize they were sabotaging hundreds of calories on just bad drink choices. They didn’t have to stop enjoying beverages, they just chose ones with less calories and sugar. Since I’m in San Diego this week, AND it’s Cinco de Mayo, I’ll be tempted to drink Margaritas like they’re going out of style. But, seeing as how there are 24g of sugar (6 teaspoons!) in each, maybe just a couple…



Essential Anatomy 3

for the Fitness Pros (and really interested consumers)

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This app is amazing for showing your clients exactly what’s in their body. As a fitness professional, I was on this app for about two hours when I first got it. There were some smaller muscles around the head and neck that I was unaware of in terms of origin and insertion (the muscles’ attachment points). This app allows you to zoom in and out, rotate in full 360 degrees, and even fade /hide everything else around so you can focus solely on one area.

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It’s not just muscles either. You can also i.d. arteries, veins, nerves, connective tissue, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and lymphatic systems. It’s cah-razy. And endlessly intriguing if you’re into it.

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I wish I’d had this app in college. At $24.99 and much better viewing capabilities, it definitely tops paying $90 for a crappy used text book (in 2D)that I just had to sell back at the end of the semester so I could buy groceries… ; )


Workout Training:Ā 

Polar Beat

for both the Fitness Consumer & Fitness Pro


If you’re into training with heart rate monitors, Polar is the brand I trust the most. It’s the most accurate and is compatible with so many fitness apps and other fitness equipment. This app syncs with information via Bluetooth on the new Polar H7 sensor. You wear the heart rate monitor, but don’t have to wear the watch. When you start your workout, you can put in the type of workout you’re doing and the Siri-like voice in the app will talk to you as you’re going, giving you up to the minute information on your peak/average heart rate, fat-burning zones, and even your mileage/pace if you’re running or cycling.


It’ll show your workout summary for the week and you can even sync your information with others’ to keep track with a buddy or team. My man-friend and I have put both of ours on a “team” and are now competing… #shitfitnesscouplesdo


Most of these are not free… but seeing as how I’ve purchased probably over 100 $1 apps over the years, and only used them for a few days before deleting them to make room for more, these purchases seem more valid. These are all well worth the money as I actually use them on a daily or weekly basis. And since I use some of them for clients and programming, they can be written off as work expenses. *Score*

What are your favorite fitness apps?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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