My Five Favorite TRX Core Exercises

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I thought I’d share some of my favorite TRX moves for the core. 

Note Tango’s great coaching throughout…


{TRX Hip Drop}

Standing core exercises are great because 1) they’re quick and easy to transition in and out of, 2) they work your core while standing, which is the most functional way to do it, and 3) when there are lots of rocks on the ground, you don’t have to get scraped up. Woot! The TRX Hip Drop has always been my jam because it’s such a subtle move. Nothing big and mind-blowing, just loading your obliques eccentrically in the frontal plane to make for a different experience. I always feel this one the next day. Plus, who doesn’t want to have strong and visible obliques?

{TRX Incline Plank}

The TRX incline plank is one of my favorite moves from the 12 week TRX Force program (available as an app!). This move not only challenges the core, but the entire body. The shoulders and arms are working and stabilizing just as much as the core, legs, and hips. There are multiple levels of this exercise, with the easier levels using your free leg to assist you getting in and out of it, but im demoing level 4… Because I have to impress you with my skills. {sunglasses-face and muscle arm emojis} Don’t shortcut this one. Get up into the incline, hold the plank for 10 seconds, then work your way all the way back to your original starting plank.

 {TRX Scorpion}

This single leg TRX core exercise has a great rotational component, as well as a “wow” factor. Trying to keep the suspended leg still is the hard part on this one! Go for time under tension rather than reps completed. And then show it off to your buds.

{TRX Reverse Plank}

Doing this exercise correctly means getting your hips high enough to be level with the rest of your body, hence the name. This exercise always makes my client’s eyes go big when they realize how their back strength differs from their ab strength. Two minute regular plank? No problem. Being able to do a handful of reverse planks fully? Not always the case… Take a video of yourself doing this exercise or have a friend watch you to make sure you’re getting full range of motion. You gotta remember to work your backside, just as much as the front to keep your core strength even! This move also helps with shoulder mobility. #Doublewhammy

{TRX Side Plank with Pike & Tap}

Taking the side plank to the next level, the TRX Side Plank with Pike and Tap challenges your core and shoulder strength and stability like whoa. (<<< Can we please bring “like whoa” back? It still makes me laugh…) Slow speed, control, and deceleration back down are all essential to nailing this one. You can do this move from your hand, instead of your elbow, but that’s a massive progression. Make sure you’ve mastered this one first; i.e. No shaking, no swinging side to side, no resting on your hand.


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