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Things That Are My Jam This Week 
This puppy ~ I missed him so much when I was gone last week. 
This dress ~ It’s Bonna’s and it’s gotten good wear over the past 6 years between her, me and Amanda. 


These shoes ~ #moneyspentthatdidntneedtobe #butohwell Can anybody tell me why it’s nearly impossible to find classic but sexy plain black heels?! 
TV on planes ~ I was able to watch Winter Action Sports AND Christmas Vacation on my flight from San Fran to Akron, OH. #timewellspent
This Rental ~ All my rental cars are always silver. And I can never find them in parking lots because EVERYBODY’S cars are silver. This little gem (a Chevy Spark) was a smooth ride, easy on gas, and unmistakable in all parking areas. #travelscore

This crew at Kent State ~ They’re my last graduates of the year for TRX. #proudmama
The color GOLD ~ ’cause it’s my new status on United Airlines! All that damn flying paid off. And with the last flight of the year too. #yessssssss


These Winners ~ Jenn and Jason are headed back west to Wyoming for the winter and I got to say a quick goodbye as they passed through the ‘ville. Have fun, dudes! See you soon : ) 
5 New Rip Trainers! ~ For my bootcampers! It’s gonna be a good January : ) 

What’s your jam this week? 
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  1. The holidays are my jam this week. I’m overflowing with Xmas spirit!
    P.S. hot shoes. I bet they go nicely with that hot dress x.

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