My Jam(s)

Things that are my jam right now:

Getting hooked up with 11 Dance Classes at Louisville Ballet School for $49. Holla.
Listening to Christmas music 24/7
Going to bed early with a glass of wine last night.
Having just been to Thailand and the Bahamas in the past month.
Seeing Ashley in the ATL this weekend.
The prospect that there could be snow some time soon in the ‘ville…
The new show, Revenge. (not the best show out there, but certainly entertaining).
Random, spur of the moment trip to the shoe outlet with Sarah this morning.
Scoring 2 pairs of boots from said outlet for $98.
Things that are so not my jam right now:

The below freezing temperature (that I wasn’t prepped for).
Frost on my car this morning.
Not knowing where the H my scraper was.
Being late (not really) because of scraper incident.
Not being with certain friends/loved ones around the holidays.
So glad the top section is longer than this bottom one. : )
Glad game. Boom.
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  1. Cheers to that top section being bigger!
    And yeah… Revenge… freaking LOVE that show!

  2. SOO excited! whoo hoo

    and you do ballet too? so cool!

    i have totally been jamming to some christmas music lately too. 🙂

  3. Glad game sounds awesome!!!!

    I was late to work because of frost too….soooooooo not ready for cold :(!

    Have a fabulous day and so jelly about your blate!


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