My New Year’s Resos

If you want to follow through with something,
putting it out there is the best way
 to ensure you actually do it… 
so that’s what I’m doing now.
Some small resolutions for this year, for myself: 

Be a BEAST! 
I’m active, I’m fit, but I could be better. I take it easy sometimes in my own workouts and there are things I should be able to do, that I can’t currently do (20 pullups, TRX 40/40 challenge, etc).  I haven’t been pushing myself and am capable of a LOT more, so I’m going to get back into the swing of kicking ass. And be a beast.

Workout Vlogs
 I’m horrible. I hate videoing myself, but I’ll do it this year. Because I know you guys want exercises. And I have a million combos that I teach in my classes and just have never recorded them for you guys. So I’m declaring, here and now, that I will do this for you! I’m not declaring how often, but my goal is at least once a month, damnit!

Things like
“How to get sexy shoulders”

“How to get a sweet ass” 

Get Back to My Financial Goals
I play more than I work. It’s a problem. Yes, I still pay my all my bills on time, but I used to be on track with certain financial goals for myself (saving and investing) and have definitely lagged on that end the past year and a half. I took a million trips this year; a lot for business, but a lot of fun trips too. Those trips were worth it, but when you’re self employed you don’t get paid vacation. So I spent money on all those trips, and didn’t make any money while I was gone… Tsk tsk tsk, says my financial planner. So this year, I’ll still travel, but maybe less. And only after I’ve met certain revenue goals. Meeting with my tax chick this week, and my finance person in the next week or so after that. Gotta get this ball rollin’ again.

Conference Presenting
In my field, the next step up is presenting at conferences… I was supposed to present at my first one this past September and I was STOKED, but then it got cancelled. But I’ll be presenting for TRX this March in Chicago which should be fun/stressful/exciting. I’m looking forward to it and trying to push myself to create my own content for future conferences. We’ll see how it goes!

This is my serious, professional face: 
What are your resos for 2013? 

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  1. dayyum, go girl!

  2. Bring on the workout vlogs!

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