My Top Travel Essentials

Top Travel Essentials

Whether you travel regularly for work or sporadically for pleasure, I believe in being as comfortable and efficient as possible while on the road or in the air. While I don’t think it’s necessary to go out and purchase all these things at once, accumulating them over the years has definitely made traveling easier and more enjoyable. Here are my faves that come with me on every trip I take:

lululemon Studio Pants 

These babies are SO comfortable, flattering, & versatile. They can be paired with sneakers for comfort and function, but also cute sandals once you’ve arrived to your destination. Do they seem overly priced? At first, yes. But after 8+ years of wearing them on every single trip I’ve taken and seeing no fading, pilling, or shrinking, they’ve been worth every penny. Extra tip: they come in lined & unlined. I prefer lined for air travel since I freeze on airplanes!

Patagonia Refugio Backpack 28 L

I used to carry a super chic over-the-shoulder bag for my laptop carry-on bag, but if you travel a ton like me, eventually you start to feel the effects of having the weight of the bag and its contents constantly on one side of your body. I still have that bag, but I travel with this Patagonia backpack.

If you crave efficiency like me, you want to know where all your stuff is and want it organized. This bag’s got a cushy laptop section, tons of little nooks and crannies for my passport, pens, business cards, and headphones, and lots of zippers, velcro, and snaps to secure my things. I can clip in my water bottle so it doesn’t slide out of the side pocket when I’m storing it under the seat on the plane or in the floorboard of the car. Plus, walking with it on my back leaves me completely hands free so I can wrangle my luggage,  phone, tea, or keys without trouble.

Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Noise Canceling Earphones

While the Bose over ear headphones work great, I got annoyed with how space they took up in my bag, so I switched to these. They’re smaller, work just as well, and pack away easily. They have other models that aren’t noise canceling that are a bit more affordable, but I’ve been really happy with how much noise gets blocked out with these – a welcome feature that makes working in crowded places more bearable.

The Podcast App

I listen to plenty of music while teaching fitness classes or working out. When I’m driving or flying, I like to hear something interesting. From politics to entertainment, to true crime and economics, there are so many good ones out there. The podcast app has been my favorite new discovery over the past 3 years and helps so much while standing in security lines, sitting in traffic, or waiting to be able to use my computer on flights.

TRX Suspension Trainer (duh)

Whether I need to stretch out after a long flight or need to burn some calories before a long day of meetings, my TRX Suspension Trainer gets the job done. Not every hotel has a fitness center and even the ones that do don’t always have much equipment available. The straps don’t take up that much space in my luggage and the 2 anchors it comes with allow me to anchor it over any hotel door, tree, or cable machine that’s available. The timer app from my Fit Club workouts & the TRX app both give me plenty of options for workouts for whatever mood I’m in and tell me exactly what to do.

Trigger Point Massage Ball

This little guy sits in the side pocket of my pack so I can quickly and easily roll out sore feet or back muscles while sitting on the plane or in the car. I don’t use it every single trip, but having it on hand helps so much when you get all knotted up on trips.


What do you love to travel with? Anything I should know about?

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