My Weekend Home

Lay in Bed, 
catch up on Grey’s
…with a beer…
or two. 
Lay in bed, 
while tons of people ran the Derby 1/2 and Full marathon. 
Meet Sarah for breakfast. 
Make this video because we’re excited about upcoming bootcamps
and hanging out more:
Had rehearsal with Tamara.

Went to Churchill Downs

for Opening night. 
Got hailed on. 
Lost money. 
Went to Cherokee Triangle Art Fair
Got super inspired by this 11 year old (I’m guessing)
playing the mandolin, 
all alone, 
for tips. 
He’s a badass. 
Showed dance piece… with a janky shoulder… looked janky.

Dinner night with the fam!

What a great weekend home.
I could get used to this.
Probably not. 

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  1. My husband will be away for business the next couple of nights so I think I’ll steal your catch up on Greys in bed with beer idea 🙂

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