My Workout JAM(s) of the week:

This song:
These shoes:
Because they’re attractive? No
Because they’re the most comfortable shoes ever? Yes

And because this happened:
(Thanks, Churchill)
What’s your workout goal for the week?
Mine is to work HARD the next few days
because I’ve got a lot of eating to do Thursday,
and then 3 days of Bahamas after that…
Get after it!
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  1. you’re going to the bahamas?!??! i want to come!!!

    my goal is to get at least a mini workout in the next three days in between my 11 hour workdays. uuugh

    i need sweet potatoe pie stat! 🙂

    stay away from the jellies in the hamas 🙂

  2. The missing toe is hi-larious!

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