New Year Resolution, check. Charli Is All Mine!

One of my resolutions this year was to get my car paid off. I’ve been working at this for a little while now, paying double payments to get it done early. I’ve made the last payment and now she’s all mine!

Charli is the first “new” car I’ve ever had. Hers was also the first car payment I’d ever had… and making that payment every month SUCKED. It was basically a plane ticket equivalent. Every month when I made that payment I thought, “I could be taking a weekend trip with this money.” But it’s all good! She’s paid off and I plan on driving her until she doesn’t run anymore. Just like Mona… 

2009, Trading in my old car, Mona
(a ’95 Corolla with 230,000+ miles on her!)
I cried a little… 
And getting my new car, Charli!! 
She’s an ’08 Mazda 3 that only had 10,000 miles at the time. 
Only a few months old, practically new, and $10k cheaper than a brand new one. 

So far, Charli has been all over with me; 
from west coast to east, all the way up north, 
and almost all the way south. 
Between road trips and moves, she’s been through a lot. 
I’ve put 100,000 miles on her in 4 years, 
but I know she’s got a LOT left in her. 

Is anybody else in love with their car?
How good does it feel to send that last payment in? 
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  1. i can’t wait for the day i pay off my baby!

  2. My car has been my mommymobile, so it’s super special to me because it’s carried around both my kiddos since they were babies!

  3. Congrats on paying off your car! He’s all yours now.
    And when I lived in Dublin, I had a ’95 Corolla just like Mona 🙂

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