Nutritionally Confused…

As a trainer, I get asked a ton of nutrition questions.

Two of my favorites: Are sports drinks good or bad? Is eating eggs good or bad?

Well… it depends. Here are two videos (via the Fitness Anywhere Community Blog) from one of the top nutrition experts in the world: John Berardi and his company, Precision Nutrition. Watch both and it may clear things up a bit for you.

The first video deals with the first question:
This video pertains to the second question:
Watch as many of these videos as you can! You can get a ton of great information at Precision Nutrition and from the Fitness Anywhere Community blog! And remember to keep in mind that your training level can determine how much or how little you may need certain foods/drinks.

Happy Eating, Happy Training!
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  1. nice videos! Sports nutrition is one area I am lacking expertise.

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