Off to Bali!


I’m headed out today to Bali, Indonesia for our annual 3-day TRX Instructor’s Summit. It’s like a giant fitness retreat with my TRX family from all over the world. We’ve got 27 countries being represented at this year’s summit and I couldn’t be more stoked to see everybody there, including my man-friend! We’ll have 3 days at the summit and then another 5 days to ourselves, which I’m looking forward to immensely. Hello hammock on the beach! Peace out cell phone & email inbox!

I’m not as stoked about the 34 hours of travel to get there, but I’m trying to look past that. I’ve got my books on my kindle, I’ve got my work that needs to be finished, I’ve got free wine to look forward to on the plane. Here I go! Back in two weeks!


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