Oh Happy Day! Vibram Five Fingers!

I couldn’t be more excited today… well I probably could be excited whenever, but I’m pretty pumped today. Today I got my birthday present early! (My birthday is the 17th, Tuesday)

Remember how I talked about how I love being barefoot? (I do. Go ahead, insert your Kentucky joke here) Well these shoes simulate being barefoot! They are Vibram Five Finger Shoes. They are made to move like your foot should actually move, allowing your muscles, ligaments, and joints to be stimulated and active! There’s a rubber sole that protects the bottom of your foot, AND this particular pair are made with SmartWool, so they’re less stinky! Happy Day!
Why would I want to do this? Because I am not only a trainer, but a dancer as well. And dancers have really strong feet. But once I transitioned into the fitness industry and started wearing athletic shoes all the time, I was getting a lot of pain in the joints of my feet and they were just losing strength and cramping up all the time. I was getting really agitated because my feet weren’t allowed to move so freely anymore. I felt trapped (in a glass cage of emotion!). So I just stopped wearing my shoes while I taught and worked out on my own. This didn’t go over well with a lot of my bosses and gym management, so I was forced (at some places) to put my shoes back on. Grrr.
Now, if you’ve looked at the shoes like I have, and I’ve been looking at them for about a year and a half, you would see that $75 price ticket and say, “Now why in the world do I need to pay that much money to simulate being barefoot?!” At least that’s what I said.
BUT, sadly, we don’t live in a world that allows people to walk in public barefoot all the time.
AND I’ve had my share of pain from stepping on glass, sticker leaves, small rocks, and even dog poo from running outside barefoot. I’m over that.
SO I’ve decided to give in and get them… and conveniently waited until Birthday Time rolled around so that my darling husband could buy them for me. Love you, Conrad!
So those are them up there! I’ll let you know how much I love them in the next few days. I’m wearing them tonight to my all women’s kayak trip on the Ohio River (more about that later) and tomorrow for “Ami’s Birthday Water-Park Extravaganza !!!” (cheers! cheers!)
So I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday the 13th like I am. Have a great weekend!
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  1. I’ve seen a guy wearing these! I could not stop staring in awe! I’m still not sure how I feel about ’em.

    Enter to win a House of Harlow cocktail ring! (Retail value: $50)

  2. that may sound crazy to you but I live 2 km from Vibram HQ and my cousin works there!!!

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