Olympic Gymnastics In the Heezy

Tamara and I have been watching the Olympics each night
and are so inspired by it all: 
The athletes!  
Their accomplishments!
Their abilities! 
The commercials! 
Morgan Freenman’s voice! 
While watching the gymnastics we thought we’d try some of the moves. 
They don’t really look that hard.
we’re dancers. We’re fit! 
We got this ish… 

What I was going for:
Legs Over Your Head, Look at Your Crotch Handstand

Doing the kick thing they do to get to the corner of the mat:

Ready to lift off the ground and put my legs over my head!

And down I go…

“Shut up. It’s harder than it looks!”

This is me not breathing…
with every vein in my head popping out…
and not getting my legs over my head. 
Tamara’s turn. 
What she was going for: 
Wide Arm Handstand
with Churchill wanting in on the action too.
OK, seriously. Churchill. Please. 
OK, Church. We love you. 
But you’re done here. 
Banished to the side of the room! 
Prepping for real this time.
*Note Churchill in the background. Bummed. 

Getting ready to do the handstand! 
That ish is hard… 
Big finish anyway!!! 
*even when they fall, they still pose at the end.
Ok so maybe there’s a reason we’re not in the Olympics and they are… 
; ) 
I know this is a silly post, 
but in all seriousness… 
Congrats to all the athletes
in all the countries of the world. 
You’re truly inspiring. 
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  1. LOOOVE this post! mostly because i’ve been doing the same thing in my apartment….pretty much the only thing i’m nailing is the final stance too….good effort though ladies!

  2. They are all so freaking talented and strong! I was watching the synchronized swimming yesterday and the whole time I was was thinking, “there core muscles must be INSANE!” I cannot even imagine.

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