Our Annual Couple’s March Madness Bracket Bet

The March Madness bet that we do as a couple every year!

So my man-friend (now husband) and I have had a March Madness bracket bet going on for the past 6 years. I first wrote about it here years ago, but if you’re new here, the stakes are good. Here’s how it goes down every March: Brackets have to be in before the first games (duh) and we share them on a Google Sheet that we can both check daily to see where we stand in points. As soon as one person receives the obvious win, they can start collecting on their prizes and have until the following year’s tournament to collect!


Winner receives the following: 

  • One dinner of their choice, made by the loser.
  • One 30 minute massage from the loser.
  • They get to pick 3 movies that the other person has to watch. This is usually something the other person would never agree to watch on their own accord.
  • And some other things that we can’t mention here…

Here are the standings so far over the years: 

2013 – Ami: We watched Clueless, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, & The Sandlot

2014 – Fraser: We watched the first 2 Matrix movies (ugh) & an MMA fight night.

2015 – Fraser: We watched Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, and Point Break, I think.

2016 – Fraser AGAIN: Losing 3 years in a row sucks… I may have blocked out what we watched because I can’t remember and this was only a couple years ago.

2017 – Ami: FINALLY got it back! We watched Center Stage, Sweet Home Alabama, and I unfortunately missed my 3rd movie in time for this year’s tournament. I couldn’t decide between so many great options and then our travel and kid schedules interfered in the last couple weeks. A waste!

2018 – Ami: I won again! I sealed my victory after the Elite 8. Woot! Now… WHAT TO WATCH?!

My top 2 for this year:

I’ll never get over the fact that Christina Ricci got to kiss Devon Sawa in TWO different movies…

image via

“All I wanna do is graduate from high school, go to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die!”

image via

The Baby Sitters Club movie might be a bit too much.
Maybe Steel Magnolias or Thelma & Louise.

I think I’ve got my first couple picks,  but am open to suggestions before I decide!

Do you have any fun wagers that you do with your partner or friend for a yearly event?

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