Out Of Office Reply

I’m in Mykonos, Greece. 
It’s the bomb. 
And this isn’t even the photo from the hotel’s website or anything. 
I took it with my iPhone. 
It’s that amazingly beautiful here. 
We’ve had a couple 10+ hr days, are exhausted, and
I’m jetlagged like a mofo if that makes you hate me less… ? 
; ) 
Happy Monday! 
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  1. I’ve heard Mykonos is the absolute best!

  2. SERIOUSLY amazing!! have so much fun. i still need to respond to your email…i am SO behind!! can’t wait to hear all the details!

  3. I cannot believe you took that photo from your iphone! It’s gorgeous!

  4. nope still hate you.

  5. I’ve been there!! By any chance is this the Kiani Beach Resort???

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